Care pathways for acute coronary syndrome.

Variation in quality of care

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally. In Europe, half of the acute myocardial infarctions hospitalizations are due to ST elevated myocardial Infarction (STEMI). Optimaltreatment for STEMI has been published and disseminated through decades of (inter)national guidelines. Despite the availability of these guidelines, adherence to evidence on STEMI care variesgreatly between hospitals, systems of care and time.

Short Project description.

The Care Pathways for Acute Coronary Syndrome (CP4ACS) Quality Improvement Research Project was set up by the European Pathway Association to evaluate and improve the care process and thequality of care for adult patients with STEMI in 16 Belgian hospitals. The project started in May 2013as a collaboration between the European Pathway Association, the Health Services Research Groupof the Department of Public Health & Primary Care, KU Leuven and the Department of Cardiology ofthe University Hospitals Leuven. The 3-year project is funded by an unrestricted Grant from AstraZeneca.


All member hospitals of the Belgian branch of the Belgian Dutch Care Pathway Network (BDCPN) with a cardiology department were invited to participate in the CP4ACS study. The research team directly addressed care pathway coordinators in these hospitals and mentioned the CP4ACS study in the BDCPN newsletter. The goal was set at 10 participating hospitals. Ultimately 16 hospitals engaged for the project of which 4 university hospitals. The included hospitals represent a good mix of academic, teaching and peripheral hospitals whereby some are PCI centers and others non PCI centers. Part of the hospitals have agreements on patient referral, others do not. This extensive mix of hospital characteristics is necessary to evaluate the quality of different care processes for STEMI patients and to generalize study results. The full list of participants is provided by hospital name at the time of enrolment and in alphabetical order:

  1. AZ Damiaan – Glenn Dhooghe
  2. AZ Delta – Francis Stammen
  3. AZ Mol – Harry Striekwold
  4. AZ Turnhout – Herman Van Der Stighelen
  5. Gasthuis Zusters Antwerpen – Michel Eycken
  6. Jessa Hasselt – Paul Dendale
  7. OLV Aalst – Herbert De Raedt
  8. RZ Halle – Edwin Creeten
  9. Sint Elisabeth Zottegem – Dirk Bladt
  10. Sint Jozef Bornem – Nadia Dobbeleir
  11. Sint Maria Noord Limburg – Luc Martens
  12. UZ Antwerpen – Prof dr. Chris Vrints
  13. UZ Brussel – Prof dr. Danny Schoors
  14. UZ Gent – Sofie Gevaert
  15. UZ Leuven – Prof dr. Peter Sinnaeve
  16. Ziekenhuis Oost Limburg – Mathias Vrolix

Unrestricted Educational Grant

AstraZeneca provided an unconditional educational grant to support CP4ACS

AstraZeneca provided an unrestricted educational grant to the European Pathway Association to set up and develop CP4ACS. AstraZeneca does not interfere in the project setup, nor the scientific design and has access to publicly published scientific output only.